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Urban Calendar

The skyscraper was developed because real estate in the city became more and more expensive. In an urban area where land is limited and real estate is valuable, we build up (as it turns out this is a very "Green" way to build). Just like the city, the modern day desk has a limited amount of valuable real estate. With the URBAN CALENDAR you get the entire year in a very small footprint, 8 square inches. The URBAN CALENDAR has an elegant elliptical foot print that is 4" x 2.5" and rises to a height of just under 24" for its 53 stories (weeks) The "tower" is made of a hand sanded 1/32" piece of basswood.

Designer : Robert Feyereisen
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Size : 4" x 24"
Client : For Sale
Production Method : Each piece of basswood is hand picked for clarity. Then each day is burned into the wood and cuts are made so the days can pop out. After the burning process the basswood is hand sanded and installed in it base.