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Balloon Calendar

As our calendar - scheduled lif is deteriorating our well-being, let the party bring our joy back to life again. Balloon AA Company has created a special balloon - calendar especially for our clients to turn a stressful office into a 365 - day of party. Not only does this new calendar remind our client of the brand, with the website and contact number. It also lightens up the party mood every time the clients look as this new product.

Advertising Agency : High Advertising Thailand
Creative Director : Danuthas Thamaraksa
Copywriters : Nanthawat Mankong, Gop Sihsobhon, Danuthas Thamaraksa
Art Directors : Danuthas Thamaraksa, Lexaky Nawin
Photographer : Dan T.
Retoucher : Tora Studio

Client : Balloon AA Company
Production Method : Balloon, Silkscreen