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Did you know that white ink is a very critical color to add to your printing jobs? In the past, printing was done primarily on white or light colored paper surfaces, therefore white ink was not very popular. The paper and substrates market has had a recent explosion of new products that are clear, metallic or dark. This has surged a high demand for white ink printing. White ink is crucial in improving the look and quality of your prints on these new types of materials.


White ink is used on many non-white surfaced materials, such as clear static labels for store window displays or for printing directly on to acrylic displays. Depending on the degree of transparency of the white ink, you can control the amount of color visibility from the outside of the store. White is a highly reflective color, therefore it is also frequently used on backlit clear films to create a very rich & vibrant glowing effect.

White Under
White under can be used as a pre-coat on colored substrate. White undercoats allow use of a broader range of colored and creatie substrates.

White Over
White over as a post-coat when printing on a clear material is ideal for backlit printing. The white ink acts as a diffuser, spreading the light evenly for brighter, more evenly illuminated back-lit displays.

Spot White
Spot white printing as a pre- or post-coat gives colors extra pop while allowing metallic or mirrored substrates to show through for striking results. Spot white on a top, bottom or middle layer is truly unique capability of our printers. Spot white enables the ability to utilize a greatly extended range of creative materials and substrates.

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