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Offset Printing Unicorn Graphics is a full service commercial printing company located in NYC. Combined with the latest equipment and years of accumulated experience, we offer a full range of printing services. more
Digital Printing With digital printing, we can print short run jobs with quick turnarounds. Variable data printing like personalized brochures is possible. For low volume printing, digital printing is a cheaper option. more
Grand Format Printing Utilizing UV printing technologies, we can print directly onto the most rigid media up to 2 inches thick. We are capable of printing up to 98" wide by any length on a roll material. Also can print white ink. more
Visual Displays Specializing in creative design and innovative production methods, we bring excitement in retail graphics, POP displays, and trade show exhibits which allows your brands and products to get the attention they deserve. more
Exhibit Systems Custom designed modular exhibit systems deliver durability, versatility, and modern sophistification. System allows for quick setup at trade shows while flexible enough to change shapes easily. more
Spatial Prints™
Printing directly on various unconvetional substrates with extreme height difference ranging from screw heads to artificial flowers. We call this innovative process Spatial Prints™. more
Custom Calendars The perfect way to create calendars for either retail sales or as promotional pieces. You may either choose from 69 existing custom calendar formats or go totally custom with step by step guides for your calendar project. more
Stock Calendars Calendars are known as a cost effective way to advertise your business or products. You may find ready-made stock calendars that suit your needs at a considerably lower cost than custom options. more
Wood Type Museum Museum is established for the purpose of educating the general public, and the next generation, on the beauties of wood types. Our mission is to gather, save, and preserve wood types and information about them. more
Calendar Museum A showcase of outstanding calendars from around the world. It is a part of our on-going initiative designed to encourage and aspire people with creative talents in various fields to keep creating calendars in physical form. more