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  Foam Board
   Paper-faced foam board
   Extremly Lightweight
   Well-suited for digital direct printing
   Cuts easily and cleanly
   Short-term use
   1/8"  3/16"  3/8"
   Heavy-duty foam board
   Dent and scratch resistent
   Bright white wood-fiber veneer
   Long-term use
   3/16"  3/8"  1/2"  3/4"   1"  1-1/2"  2"
   Expanded PVC board
   Lightweight yet rigid and durable
   Easily formed into just about any shape
   Heat formable and chemical resistant
   Superior dent and scratch resistance  1mm
   2mm  3mm  6mm  10mm  13mm
   Aluminum composite material
   Flattest panel on the market
   Won't bow
   Excellent durability in outdoor applications
   About one half the weight of aluminum  2mm
   3mm  4mm
  Falcon Board
   Environmentally friendly printing substrate
   Precision engineered structural quality panel
   Made from recycled paper waste
   Weigt saving replacement for MDF
   90 ton per square meter crush strength
   100% recyclable  7mm
   1/2"  3/4"  1"
   Fluted Polypropylene sheet
   Geometrically square
   Chemical and stain resistant
   Moisture resistant
   Temporary Outdoor signs
   3mm  4mm
  Digital Acrylic
   Scratch resistance
   Temperature resistance (-20 F to 190 F)
   Low heat transfer loss
   2 to 10 times stronger than glass
   Light transmission of 92%
   Able to withstand prolonged exposure to sun
   80 to 90% UV light filtering
   3mm  4.5mm  5.5mm
  Acrylic Mirror
   Half the weight of glass mirror
   Shatter resistant
   Cut into any shapes
   10 times stronger than glass
   1.5mm  2mm  3mm