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KBA Rapida 105 41-inch six-color sheetfed press with both UV and conventional capabilities

Our KBA press is going to provide us with more consistency, faster makeready times, and increased automation. Plus we now have UV capability. The automation on the KBA press will allow us quick changeovers between UV and conventional printing.

We will now be able to print with a variety of UV inks and UV coatings to produce special effects. We feel that UV will be a growing area for us and separate us from our competition.

Faster Turnaround
UV curing is gaining popularity due to its ability to cure in approximately one-tenth of a second. Instant drying ables us to move printed sheets directly into the bindery.

Inline UV / Aqueous Coating
We will be able to handle UV jobs in a fast, efficient manner because the UV coating can be applied inline during the press run. In addition, UV coating has the ability to cure on the surface of uncoated papers, a favorite substrate for designers and ad agencies producing eye-catching pieces.

Variety of Substrates
UV allows us to print on a variety of different substrates that we couldn’t use before, such as plastic and foils. UV inks adhere to virtually any and every material: polypropylene, polyehylene, vinyl, polystyrene, metal, and paper.

Green Printing
UV is known as an environmentally-friendly process, because zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted. and we can print on uncoated 100% recycled stock at a high quality. more...

Better Rub Resistance
Since the chemistry creates a polymer chain, it produces an ink surface that is highly resistant to many chemicals and abrasive scuff.

Special Effect Coatings
We can apply a high-gloss finish that makes images pop off the sheet, or add unique coating effects to specialty printing items like Matte-gloss effect, , and Pearlescent.