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The environmentally friendly nature of the product is very important for us because we want to be doing our part for the environment. When it comes to eco-friendly printing methods, we always act proactively by implementing the most up to date system in reducing our carbon footprint.

Chemistry-free Plate
Our concern for the environment led to the decision to invest in Agfa's Azura chemistry-free plate system. This is another step toward eco-friendly printing for Unicorn Graphics. Agfa’s :Azura provides the high quality imaging you’d expect from a thermal system, without chemical processing. Elimination of chemistry removes all process variables and simplifies platemaking, giving clear, consistent results. Agfa's Azura is the only plate system on the market that is completely chemistry-free. Azura and its ThermoFuse technology allow us to eliminate water and developer from the CtP process.

UV Printing
With our new KBA Rapida 105 six-color sheetfed press with UV and conventional capabilities, we will now be able to print with a variety of UV inks and UV coatings to produce special effects. UV is known as an environmentally-friendly process, because almost zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted. and we can print on uncoated 100% recycled stock at a high quality.

Sheetfed Printing Inks VOC Levels
Conventional Process Inks < 30%
Conventional Overprint Varnishes < 30%
Soy-based Inks < 10%
Aqueous Coatings < 7%
UV Coatings < 5%
UV Overprint Varnishes < 5%
UV Process Inks < 1%

Water-based Aqueous Coating
The most common reasons for adding a coating over your printed piece are for protection or to enhance the finish. Overprint varnish and aqueous coatings are less costly than UV coatings and film laminates. The aqueous coating is water-based coating and thus more eco-friendly than overprint varnish.

We recycle everything we can. This includes: Paper waste generated during the printing process, Wood products, such as pallets and off-cuts, and Metal, including all aluminum plating materials. We recycle 100% of our waste paper. This reduces our carbon emissions and reduces natural resources used in milling virgin paper. The paper waste we recycle saves thousands of trees each year, and millions of kilowatts of electricity and gallons of water.

Soy-based Ink
Soy-based inks do have a smaller environment impact than traditional, petroleum-based inks. Soy ink produces about 1/3 of VOC than conventional printing inks. Plus when it comes time to recycle, paper printed with soy ink is a lot easier to de-ink, resulting less energy-intensive and more cost effective. We use soy-based inks on most of our conventionally printed sheets.

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